There are many types of kisses, such as the french kiss, the butterfly kiss, the eskimo kiss and the lizard kiss, among others. This made us a little curious, so we decided to invent a few more. We introduce chapepedia (make-outpedia), which is an encyclopedia of fun kisses. By playing with words that started with "chap", we ended up creating different words which represent different kisses.

Text: The kiss you give in your bathing suit (ideally wet) in a swimming pool or a kiddie pool. Tip: Get 12 hours of fresh breath with Closeup.

Image: kiss nº 002: chapoteo (splash)

Text: beach kiss. In some occasions, you may feel some sand on your lips. We recommend using our dental gel that gives you a 12-hour fresh breath.

Image: kiss nº001: chapadmalal* kiss / *The name of a city by the sea.

Other types of kisses that were not sketched or published, because that sometimes happens.

Chapeau: a kiss between a french couple, with the Eiffel tower in the background. / Chaparrastroso (ragged): a kiss between a dirty and ragged man and a woman. / Chapu Nocioni (famous basketball player): a kiss between two tall men wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and holding a basketball. / Chapa Rategui (famous hockey trainer): a kiss between two women dressed as hockey players. / Chapado a la antigua (old fashioned): just a couple kissing, but the picture is black and white. / Chapo Guzman: a kiss between two men with little moustaches.

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