On July 20th 1969, a group of astronauts arrived on the moon for the first time. Later, that day was declared International Friendship Day. This sounds great, but what part does Closeup play in all this? We know Closeup is a brand that celebrates love and encourages everyone to take the first step, to get closer, but most of all, to kiss. The brand wants to be present on this day, but it's not really its territory: friends don't make out. But, a little research on google told us that on July 19th Friends with Benefits Day is celebrated! Yes, that's a thing, and we thought it was a great idea to join the celebration that honours kissing with friends, and so we did.

Image: Fly away from the friendzone.

Text: Are you ready to make a giant leap with your friend and fly away from the friendzone? Tag them on this ticket, destiny: #closeupzone, a make-out friendly place.

Image: 19 July, Friends with Benefits Day.

Text: Today is Friends with Benefits Day. We don't celebrate arriving on the moon, we celebrate getting out of the friendzone. With #closeup #getcloser to the #closeupzone and make-out with a friend.

Video: 12 hours of fresh breath.

Text: With #closeup, fly away from the friendzone and land on your friend's mouth.

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