On Sundays we all sit together to watch how all these families fight over a chair made of melted swords. We cry, we laugh, we want to die, but in addition to all these, we always order something to eat. That's why we've decided to let everyone know all the food benefits that Banco Galicia has to offer. The cast of Puntos Quiero! has done an amazing job playing the characters of the tv show, which made us have fun throughout the whole last season.

Text: This Sunday trade your Puntos Quiero! for delicious sushi. #TradeIsComing

Image: You still haven't traded your points? / Shame shame shame

We've created some sort of piano using Instagram Stories. Each story had a sustained note, so when you touched the screen, the story would change and you could play the melody of the theme song.

Story: Trading your Puntos Quiero! is as easy as playing the theme song of your favourite tv show. / Sound On / Tap the screen to play the melody.

Image: We're all gonna eat with both of our hands (colloquial expression). Well, not everybody.

Text: A lot of anxiety over here. Trade your Puntos Quiero! and calm down a little with a combo from Mostaza.

Text: The witch looked at the fire and saw an awesome burger with fries. Use your Puntos Quiero! and get it! #TradeIsComing.

Image: The night is dark and full of combos.

Image: I am Banco Galicia, breaker of credit cards, father of Vamos Los Jueves, king of Puntos Quiero!, lord of the discounts and protector of the benefits.

Text: Have you ordered in? The Queen of Trade recommends you use your Puntos Quiero! in any of these benefits. #TradeIsComing

Text: The Night’s Watch is much better with El Noble. Trade your Puntos Quiero! for empanadas. #TradeIsComing

Image: We don't use swords for the Night’s Watch / We use empanadas

Text: If you think this has a happy ending... you're right. Use the code #TheIceCreamIsComing on Rappi and get 1/4 kg of free ice cream from Daniel. Tell the other banks...

Image: I want them to know it was me.

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